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About WordCountee

Wordcountee.com offers an online word counter tool. It is free tool which is designed to count words, number of characters and frequency of a word. It is easy to use and understand; if you have basic understanding of internet and browsing, you can use this tool. You just need to copy and paste your text in the text box and press the Enter key. The results will appear on the top of the box. It also allows you to directly type in the text box and save your write-up as text file, doc file or take print of the document.


Today, the computer has become an important part of our life. Instead of writing on letter heads, note books, diaries we prefer to type information, data or any other records on MS word and save the document in the computer. And, most of the times, we are required to have some basic information about our write-up such as word count, character count and frequency of a specific word.

It is not easy to have this information by reading the document as it will be time-consuming and there may be a lot of mistakes. So, there must be some tool to perform such tasks. The wordcountee.com's word counter tool is one such tool which is designed by the experts of JavaTpoint. It provides all basic information related to your document such as word count, character count and frequency of a word, etc.

There are many situations where we need to find the number of words, characters and frequency of words in a given paragraph. Some real time uses of word counter tool are given below;


Students can use this tool for English essay assignments in schools as there must be word limit for the essay (e.g. 400-450). Using this tool, as you start typing in the text box you will get the word and character count simultaneously.

It is very useful for Seo content writers who write content following some guidelines like word limit, keyword density, etc. E.g. a seo writer is asked to write an article of 400 words on recently launched mobile phones using some specific keyword for specific number of times in the article. It not easy for him or her to check word count and keyword density manually but if he or she uses a word counter tool the task will be very easy.

On some social sites like twitter you cannot post comment exceeding the given characters limit. For such sites, you can use word counter tools.